Do you want to learn photography or advance your art? At the Miami Digital Center we offer classes inside and outside the classroom. From hands-on workshops to photo tours, all dictated by professional photographers specializing in the art that are teaching with practical and fun learning methods.

Intensive photography weekend

In a two-day intensive workshop, you know all the functions of a camera and what type of lens to use, according to your needs. Everything you want to learn about basic photography is here.


Meet your city through this streetphotography workshop, where you will learn how to capture urban images that will make you discover a new Miami.

Special Mastering Portraits

A hands-on portrait lighting workshop with Tamron Image Master David Guy Maynard.


Family Portraits

Learn how to capture beautiful family moments and immortalize them through a good photograph, always taking care of the techniques of photography in groups.

Pets under focus

You never know when a photo of your pet can become viral, learn how to take beautiful and funny photos ...

Babies Protagonists

Learn photography techniques to capture that image you want so much from your baby ...

Mastering Macro

A Macro Photography Workshop with TAMRON Image Master: David Guy Maynard

The art of lighting

Light is perhaps the most important thing in photography, when you know how to illuminate correctly, you will capture the drama of each photo. Learn with us how to do it.

Photo Studio / Portraits

Capture the essence of each person and what you want to transmit, learn to take pictures inside a studio and out of it, with professional techniques ...

Food Photography

Learn the photographic techniques for food and products within the advertising world ...

Landscapes Photography

Capture the wonders of nature with this practical workshop of landscape photography ...

Dawn Photography

The early bird helps you learn the techniques of how to capture the natural light of dawn ...

Photography with Drones

The sky is no longer the limit, learn the techniques of how to fly and photograph with drones ...

Photoshop for photographers

Learn the basic techniques for editing photos through Photoshop ...

Description of Levels

  1. Beginner / Apprentice: It is aimed at students with little or no knowledge about photography and how to use an SLR or mirrorless camera.
  2. Intermediate: It is aimed at students who have a basic understanding of photography (what is ISO, exposure and speed) and minimal experience with cameras in manual mode.
  3. Advanced: It is aimed at students with at least one year of experience and who possess a small portfolio of professional or personal work. Advanced students should be familiar with their photographic equipment, the basic techniques that make up photography and a basic knowledge of editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom
  4. Master / Master: It is aimed at professionals of photography with more than two years of experience and professional portfolio of work that, wanting to carry out one of our specializations, seeks to evolve within the professional field of photography. Students who complete the Master level must have complete knowledge about editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.