About Us

At Miami Digital Center we combine passion and photography with teaching, so that anyone with the spirit to learn or improve their knowledge, can evolve in the world of photography.

Our instructors - professionals with extensive experience - are committed to providing a quality education, so that our students learn with excellence and practice, the most important technical and creative aspects.
  Our dream is to create a photographic community where - all united - we can build with ideas, talent, inspiration and passion, great personal and professional goals within the photographic market.
Our school will provide students with the necessary tools for their learning and photographic development, but only practice and perseverance will make them unique.

Our Team

Jesus Aranguren - Photographer

Jesus creates images that represent the essence of people and culture to savor the authenticity of a place. Through its lens, the viewer experiences human realities around the world that cross the boundaries of language and religion. His ability to relate to people while capturing the spirit of a place are the easily palpable aspects of his portraits. Aranguren possesses a unique sense of modern composition and emotion, with a deep knowledge and ability to translate customer needs into portraits. His photojournalist eye helps him to create images suitable for the press and the publishing markets.


Zaire Kacz - Phootographer

Zaire wants to capture a moment in its true form, allowing him to roll intuitively and perform a minimal postproduction to the images. Using photography as a means of expression, he tries to explore the connection between beings, the universality of feelings and the human perception of nature and reality. Photography allows Zaire to capture moments invisible to the human eye and by collaborating with people, experiences and sees a language of silence that reveals a connection of humanity regardless of their differences.


Yarum Briceño - Photographer

Yarum Briceño is a passionate innate of photography. His work in the middle began in the area of advertising, connecting the image normally demanded by market strategies, with a new path of crossings and displacements. In these veins, he opened the way to a photograph in full vibration with the space traveled. The camera became the attentive eye of the passer-by, in the vibrant instinct of the one who travels the road: landscapes, situations, streets, alternate lanes, glimpses of a light that surprises the camera to capture what Cartier Bresson, "the instant Decisive "of an urban blow.


Patty Nash - Photographer

Patty is a creative mind in love with photography. She has been involved in the field since early age, when at school she is called to direct the newspaper. After years of learning different trades, the photograph called her back and she did not think twice. With the aim of showing her own children that it is possible to "follow her dreams," Patty is based in South Florida. For the past twelve years, Patty and her husband Gene own and operate Patty Nash Photography. Patty enjoys capturing the essence of the people and the intangible feelings she captures in every photograph. Their specialty is the people, the food and the decoration.